Welcome to Moin Hardware. We offer off-the-shelf or custom steel table slides with quick lead-times and are willing to work with you to make sure you are purchasing the best slide for your project. Our slides perform significantly better than wooden slides or generic steel slides and are Made in the USA.

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For customers from outside the United States and Canada, please contact us for shipping information and quotes.

If you aren't sure of what you need, use our online Slide Wizard or contact us via email or via phone (516-593-7067) and we will provide you a detailed quote for the best table slide for your project. We accept payment via credit card, check, or money order, and offer a range of shipping options. We also include complimentary screws and instructions with all slide orders, and also sell table locks and pins to help make sure that your order includes everything necessary to install your slide.

Also, check out our ebay store for great deals on other hardware from manufacturers such as 3M, Stanley, Grant/Hettich, Knape & Vogt, and many others!

Contact Info:

Moin Hardware Company
Telephone: (516) 593-7067
Fax: (516) 593-7271
Email: sales@moinhardware.com

When contacting us via email, to simplify the proper selection of the best table slide for your table, please make sure to include the following information if available:

1. Type of Table (Stationary Base or Moving Base) - For example, a four-legged table is a moving base, while a single pedestal table is a stationary base.
2. What is the closed length of the table without leaves?
3. What is the shape of the table top?
4. In inches, what is the longest slide that can fit under the table in the closed position? Stock sizes include 18", 26", 32", 36", 42", 54", and 72".
5. How much travel is required? This is computed by multiplying the number of leaves by the width of each leaf and adding approximately 2" for table pin clearance.
6. What is the thickness of the tabletop?
7. Is there anything unusual about your table?